Managing Volcanic Unrest - The Volcano Rapid Response System


As part of the EXUPERY project, key components of a Volcano Fast Response System (VFRS) were developed, which in the event of volcanic activity or crisis can be installed quickly and worldwide. The system is based on established observation technologies (seismicity, soil deformations, etc.). However, an effective innovation has been introduced with the direct integration of satellite-based observation data. Extensive soil deformation, escape of dangerous gases or observation of thermal activity at and around a volcano are an important component of the new system. Field stations are connected to a base station using wireless data connections to enable prompt reaction. The incorporation of international data standards enables the integration of further new system components. Visualization of the data to support the decisionmaking process takes place via a newly developed GIS interface. A close cooperation exists particularly with New Zealand.

You will find more information on the EXUPERY project website: http://www.exupery-vfrs.de/

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