Three-dimensional Multi-Scale and Multi-Method Inversion to Determine the Electrical Conductivity Distribution of the Subsurface Using Parallel Computing Architectures


Dr. O. Ritter
Geophysikalische Tiefensondierung
GFZ Potsdam

GFZ Potsdam
TU Bergakademie Freiberg

With this proposal we attempt to optimize the resolution potentials of geoelectric potential field and electromagnetic diffusion methods with their inherent multi-scales, which cover a wide range from boreholes to regional or lithosphere dimensions. To reach these goals, we have developed an inter-disciplinary concept, integrating working groups from applied and numerical geophysics, information technology and numerical mathematics. The limitation to a single physical parameter means that contributing scientists working on neighbouring research fields can interact easily to ensure a meaningful scientific exchange between all participants. The project Partners come from university and non-university research institutions. Cooperation with commercial partners is intended, but envisaged for a later phase of the project.

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